Here we go again 

Haven’t been the best at all this again recently- uni work and other stuff has taken over. But good week overall but starting tomorrow I’m getting my act together, I want to do this. I want to feel better about myself and my body, like I used to. Here are some food pictures from my week. I plan to document everything this week and do a blog post every week documenting all my food and exercise. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! It’s healthyformeblog

Not many picture this week but went out for a lovely late birthday meal with my best friend, which was lovely! And my favourite foods!  


Day 1

So fresh start again… 

Had a down day today so missed breakfast and lunch (think I’m full from all the junk food I’ve been eating recently) 

So today for dinner-

1 scoop of mash

1 tuna fish cake

1 cod fish cake 

Salad with ranch dressing 

Filling and healthy- I plan to get more adventurous as the week goes on 

The fall 

So I’ve been MIA for two weeks now… It’s been a very up and down two weeks… First of all, my great grandad passed away. He was 102 with a better memory than me and he was such an amazing man… But of course tears and tears and tears came, and so did the comfort eating. I have also been stressed from uni work and working at my job on the weekends, so everything has become a bit much recently….

Whoever, this is the time when I need to bring my mood UP not down. This so the time I need healthy food and exercise, so I can stop feeling so down and sad…

So back to it today! Positive thinking, good good and I’m back at the gym tomorrow! 


Day 4

So yesterday was a bit of a manic day as I had uni from 11-5 and I also woke up too late to 1) have breakfast and 2) cook my soup and put it in my flask. Getting up early enough to prepare is something I really need to work harder on…

Anyway, I had lunch at the local pub with all my uni friends, which broke the day up really well. They had no soup, so I stuck with a tuna sandwich on granary bread. (I hate the crusts, since I was a child)


Dinner, I went out with 10 of my friends from my course to see a play in Shoreditch (which was an amazing play) and so we had to have dinner somewhere near the theatre. I had fish and chips, a classic British meal, and in keeping with my week of having a bigger meal in the evenings.


Yes, the chips were unhealthy but I didn’t have many, and the batter on the fish was only light and I hadn’t snacked all day.

Next week when my gym membership comes through, I plan to go 3 times a week… My stomach is probably bothering me more than ever… It’s making me realising how much weight I’ve put on in a year….

Oh well, onwards and upwards!

Day 3

Breakfast: egg and a slice of brown olive bread and a cranberry green tea (which i forgot about and went cold, opps)


lunch: homemade chicken and vegetable soup


Dinner: gammon, broccoli, peas, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and of course, gravy. < Any excuse for a mid week roast!


snacks: two yogurts and a pot of mango

all in all, a healthy food day again and a most enjoyed roast to finish.

First try at- Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Having gathered a load of soup recipes together from lots of different websites, I then combined all the things I liked about all of them and decided to make my own.


Chicken breasts (as much as you like)

2 leeks 

1 spring onion

1 chopped onion

2 sticks of celery

2 chicken stock cubes

First, put some lucy bee coconut oil in a pan and cook your chicken breasts. While they’re cooking, fill a pan up with boiling water and the two chicken stock cubes.

Chop the spring onion, celery and leeks

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 14.48.29

Then place them into the pan with the stock cubes and the boiling water, cook on a medium heat. Then cut your whole onion, fry until brown, then place into the stock also.


imageThen, once the chicken is cooked, cut the chicken and place into the stock.

Season with salt, pepper and I added garlic granules for flavour.

Cook for about half an hour on a low heat, while your house starts to smell amazing (mine certainly did)


I really enjoyed this soup and I have lots left over for my lunches this week!

This is my first time making a soup without blending it, and I now know a different style of soup making.

Trying something new…

Yesterday evening I finally braved it and after reading about a million reviews on amazon… I bought a spiralizer. The one I bought is a best seller and had amazing reviews, it was the VEG-A-SPIN: Premium 2 In 1 Vegetable Spiralizer. (

It should be here today and I’m so exited to finally try it! Swapping pasta for Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.22.31courgetti will really cut down on carbs and add in extra veg to my meals!

Here are some recipes I’ve found which I would like to try, any other suggestions and recipes would be appreciated! Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.28.31